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Letter to TOH on FSA Vote in Favor of IHCC Zoning Change

Here is a copy of the letter sent by Fort Salonga Association Frank Capaccio to Town of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone announcing the FSA’s vote in favor of cluster zoning for the Indian Hills Country Club:

Dear Supervisor Petrone,

The proposal to rezone the Indian Hills golf course has generated a great deal of controversy in our community. Recognizing the significance of this decision to the future of Fort Salonga our association has reviewed the application considering all the implications. We have met repeatedly with residents and the builder and also solicited input from the community at large. After careful consideration it is the considered opinion of the majority of our board of directors to support the rezoning application. This is supported by the majority of our 2,500 residents based on the emails we have received over the past several months. Read More


The Fort Salonga Association Annual Community Meeting

When: Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m.
Where: Fort Salonga Elementary School Cafeteria

39 Sunken Meadow Rd., Fort Salonga
Please join us for the Fort Salonga Association’s annual community meeting.
Police Officer Angela Ferrara of the 2nd Precinct will speak on “Neighborhood Watch & Safety”

  • Get the latest details on the Kings Park Industrial Area on our southern border
  • National Grid’s plans for natural gas in our community
  • Land preservation and development issues near the VA and off Sunken Meadow Rd.
  • The latest on Indian Hills Country Club plans


All Fort Salonga Residents Invited.


Kings Park Civic Hosting Downtown Revitalization Project Meeting Oct. 22

Th14712718_10153731048217504_5807604819071829876_oe Kings Park Civic Association, the Kings Park Chamber of Commerce, and Vision Long Island are hosting a meeting to outline recommendations for the Kings Park Downtown Revitalization project on Saturday, Oct. 22, from 2 to 4 p.m., in the William T. Rogers Middle School located at 97 Old Dock Rd, Kings Park.

What happens in Kings Park and in the Town of Smithtown affects Fort Salonga, and the FSA encourages resident participation.


The President’s Message: Summer 2016

cropped-Fort_Salonga_Logo_green-500px-more-5498859ev1_site_icon-1.pngDear Fort Salonga Neighbors,

What a perfect time of year to live where we do—from the boardwalk at Sunken Meadow and the Wednesday night music and lobster fests to the access to boating and picnicking at Callahan’s beach. I’ve been making the most of this time with my family and I hope you’re enjoying all our community has to offer,

Owl Hill

The property at Owl Hill has been the focus of attention lately. We have been communicating with the current owners and potentials buyers, as well as state and nonprofit organizations about this property and its future. Please see Ryan Hild’s article on Smithtown affairs in this issue for an update.

Natural Gas

We continue to pursue natural gas opportunities for our neighbors, and Ryan’s article also touches on this point. National Grid is upgrading its service capability now, which will help them connect service to more homes along the streets that received new mains last year.

Indian Hills Country Club

The FSA board continues to communicate with the Indian Hills Country Club ownership about their plans to develop on the property, and with neighbors about their concerns for the impact this development could have. Most recently we took a tour of

this breathtaking property. The FSA board’s stance on this matter remains the same: we ask for our neighbors to be patient. The board will not take a position for or against the proposed zoning change until the final site plan is submitted to the Town of Huntington along with the results of the environmental review. As of this writing the plan was not final but it may be submitted before this newsletter reaches your mail box.

Welcome to New Residents

Finally, the way I became involved with the FSA 10 years ago was through the “New Residents Welcoming Gathering.” I met the board members and other new neighbors, and knew I had chosen the right community for my family. This year, the new residents party will be held at FSA board member John Heaphy’s business Grace Music School at 10 Ft. Salonga Road (by the IGA supermarket) on Sunday, Oct. 16, 3 to 6 p.m. I encourage all our new neighbors to come on by, meet the board members, and of course get to know some of your other new Fort Salonga neighbors.

With warmest regards,

Frank Capaccio
President, Fort Salonga Association


Roads & Highways: Summer 2016

b-and-cIn our previous issue we indicated we had written NYS DOT to investigate the fatal accident on 25A in February near Makamah Road. The State conducted an investigation and will be enhancing signs to better inform motorists of the dangerous curve. This cannot happen soon enough. Tragically, on August 18th another crash occurred. The driver hit the exact same tree and was critically injured. We have since spoken to DOT and asked them to update their scheduled improvements described below and expedite in light of this latest tragedy. We understand they will also be removing the tree.

The State promised us to replace Chevron signs with larger, more visible sign panels and additional Chevron signs will be added for both eastbound and westbound traffic. The existing westbound curve warning will be relocated closer to the curve along with a 30mph adviso-ry speed panel. A new Deer Crossing sign west of the intersection will be added. Deer are becoming an increas-ing problem along 25A and throughout our community. Some bucks are approaching the size of elk so be extra cautious. Soon their coats will darken for winter and they will be harder to see. We have also spoken to DOT about a large dead tree east of Makamah Road near Con-cord. It has been removed. Thanks to Mr. Hershel, an alert resident, for bringing it to our attention.

We previously published a list of Smithtown roads scheduled for repaving in our community and have been at-tempting to obtain a similar list from Huntington Highway with no success. We encourage Huntington residents to contact the Huntington Highway Department directly if your street is a candidate for repaving (499-2133). We al-ready have a longstanding request for Middleville Road to be repaved. We have also contacted Suffolk County regarding the poor condition of Bread and Cheese. Gas mains are expanding throughout our community so be aware of additional truck traffic and excavation on our roads.


Smithtown Affairs: Summer 2016

bullSmithtown Proposed Comprehensive Plan

Although the summer months are usually slow for business, we cannot say the same for the FSA. This year the warm weather has brought Smithtown residents newly paved roads, a proposed comprehensive plan (a.k.a. “Master Plan”), a proposed change of zone for undeveloped property on Pulaski Road, and an application filed with the state for funds to preserve our beloved 27.7 acre “Owl Hill” property, located at the corner of 25A and Sunken Meadow Road.

At the Town of Smithtown’s June 15, Planning Board public hearing, the Town published a Draft Comprehensive Plan, outlining the Planning Department’s vision for the future of the Town of Smithtown. Per the Town, “A Comprehensive Plan is the sum total of the community’s ideas for the future.” For Fort Salonga’s purposes, topics of interest in the plan include), the potential for a Long Island Railroad spur or rail yard on Old Northport Road, expansion of industrial activity in the Kings Park Industrial Park off of Townline Road, and land preservation.

For some background, the Town of Smithtown has not completed or approved a Master Plan in 55 years. The last master plan did not discuss such massive economic projects as the Smith Haven mall and there was very little concern for environmental issues such as land preservation or wastewater management. For those who have not had a chance to review the proposed plan, we encourage you to visit the Town’s Comprehensive Plan website at

Statute requires that the Town allow the community 30 days to review the plan and submit comments and recommendations for changes. The Town encouraged the community to comment by establishing an online survey that expired on July 15 (30 days after the Plan was published). In response, the FSA sent an email blast to the community requesting that they review the comprehensive plan and take the Town’s survey. Fort Salonga represented over 35 percent of the responses received by the Town. After a thorough review of the Plan, the FSA submitted a letter to the Town addressing topics that will directly affect our community. We will keep the community updated as the Town’s schedule for reviewing and implementing the Master Plan.

Proposed Change of Zone on Pulaski Rd

A portion of the undeveloped lot on Pulaski Road that sits between the Dejana Trucking facility and Townline Road was recently purchased and the owners have applied for a change of zone. The property is currently zoned as light industrial, but the owners have applied to change the zone to Wholesale Service Industry (WSI). Per the Town of Smithtown’s Table of Use Regulations at, WSI allows for out-door storage, motor vehicle sales, shipping centers, taverns and several other uses including adult entertainment. As of now the Planning Board had not scheduled a hearing.

Road Paving / Gas Update for Smithtown

After National Grid completed the installation of gas line extensions that brought natural gas to over 150 homes on Hastings, Woodfield, Glenview, and the dead ends and cross streets connected to these roads, the Town of Smithtown grinded the old roads and replaced them all with new pavement. If you have gas in the street but have been advised that gas is not available, do not fear. National Grid has advised that the main line expansion required an upgrade to their gas supply system and they anticipate the upgrade will be complete by March 2017.

Grant Application for Funds to Preserve Owl Hill

On July 28, the Town of Smithtown’s Planning Department submitted a grant application to the State of New York for $500,000 in funds to purchase and preserve the 27.7 acre privately-owned tract known as Owl Hill. If the grant is awarded by the state, the supervisor and Town Board have agreed to match up to $500,000 in preservation funds to assist in the acquisition of the property – for a total of $1 million in preservation funds. As part of the application, the Planning Department was required to submit letters of support. The FSA worked diligently to gain the support of state and local officials including members of the Assembly, Senate, Legislature and Town Board. The FSA also gained the support of not-for-profit organizations that specialize in land preservation, including the North Shore Land Alliance and The Nature Conservancy. As a result of these efforts, the Town’s grant application was submitted with multiple supporting letters and emails. The FSA’s letter of support can be found on page x of this newsletter and on our website at The Town has advised that results of the application will not be released until November. We will keep the community apprised.

Despite the encouraging news above, it is important to note that the property is currently being offered for sale for $4,999,000, which is five times the amount of monies that the Town is working to secure for acquiring the property. Unless the County, federal government or private investors acquire the property for preservation purposes, there is a good chance that a portion or all of the property will be sold to a developer. With the property being zoned R-43, it could be converted to 18+ single family homes or, if a special exception is awarded by the zoning board of appeals, the property’s use can be changed to development other than single family homes.

In the past we have written articles about the Town’s Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) program, which serves as a means for property owners to expand their commercial building or business in exchange for purchasing and preserving undeveloped acreage in another sector of the Town. If you know anyone who needs to purchase these TDR’s in order to expand their commercial property or business, please contact us at and the Town’s Planning Department at


Back to School – Keeping our Children Safe

school-busA new school year brings anticipation, excitement and lots of extra traffic. With that in mind, here are a few reminders for both drivers and students.

Most know that when a stopped school bus flashes its red lights, traffic approaching from either direction, even in front of the school and in school parking lots, must stop at least 20 feet before reaching the bus. You are required to stop even if the bus is on the opposite side of a divided highway i.e. 25A. Bus drivers do have the authority to use hand signals to wave cars past, so if you get an obvious visual signal from the driver, it is permitted to pass the school bus. Penalties for not complying with this law is an automatic five points on your license along with a fined between $250 and $400.

It is also a good idea to review the Rules of the Bus with your children.

* At the bus stop, stay to the side of road. Many roads in Fort Salonga are narrow and have curves, so be alert of passing vehicles.

* On the bus, be respectful of the driver and others around you. If seat belts are available, buckle up! No loud talking or noises that may distract the driver. Remain seated and keep all appendages inside of the bus, including heads! Do not stand up until the bus comes to a complete stop.

* If your child has to cross in front of the bus, he or she should first walk at least 10 feet ahead until they can see the bus driver and wait for a signal from the driver before crossing.

Simple common sense reminders for a safe and happy school year.

About the Association


About the Fort Salonga Association

The Fort Salonga Association brings together members of the community to enjoy all the hamlet has to offer. It monitors and engages with local government, advocating on community members’ behalf and offering counsel on issues that impact residents.

The Association hosts an annual spring brunch, a spring egg hunt, caroling in December, and more. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter for all households in the hamlet, and provides news and other community updates through this web site.

Who joins the Fort Salonga Association?
Everyone who lives in Fort Salonga is invited to join. Each spring the Association promotes its annual paid membership, which is $15 per household. Households don’t need to join to receive the quarterly newsletter but know that your annual dues payment helps the Association promote the community and advocate on its behalf to help preserve our way of life.

How do I know I’m in Fort Salonga?
Fort Salonga is bounded by portions of Bellrose Avenue, Pulaski Road, and Old Northport Road to the south, the Sunken Meadow Parkway to the east, the Long Island Sound to the north, and approximately along Norwood Avenue to the west. Fort Salonga is split by Bread & Cheese Hollow Road, and to the west the hamlet sits in the Town of Huntington, and to the east it sits in the Town of Smithtown.