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The President’s Message – Summer 2013

grafDear Neighbors,

I took an early morning bike ride up to Geissler’s Beach. On the way home, four deer ran out of the preserve along Makamah Road and picked their way up the hills across the street. It was a sweet reminder of why we live here in Fort Salonga.

Updates: Inside this issue, we present an interview with Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone, good news about Geissler’s Beach, a report about area roads and information about the proposal from St. Johnland known locally as the uplands.

September Primaries: The political climate is ripe with challenges during this year’s local election season. With races for party nominations on the line, the FSA maintains neutrality and is happy to work with whomever the voters select.

However, we do encourage you to become informed and vote! Pick up a local paper and become families with the candidates and their ideas. Primary elections are scheduled for September… please make time to participate.

This brings me to today’s question: Is there too much government in Fort Salonga? Think about it, within our hamlet there are roads managed by the state, county, and two townships!

Bread and Cheese Hollow Road has changed hands several times since 2005, when the Town of Smithtown repaved it. A few years later, the Town of Huntington won a lawsuit against the county releasing the Town from any responsibility for Townline and B&C. So now, they are both county roads. This is where it becomes more curious. A resident on Bread and Cheese experiences significant flooding on his property following rainstorms, clearly the product of a clogged storm drain. He wrote to a number of officials over the course of a couple of years and then contacts me in May. I jump in with a few phone calls to the county thinking it to be a simple fix. Finally, the county sends us a letter stating that although they are responsible for the road, an agreement with Huntington signed in 1999 requires the town to clean the storm drain. The Huntington highway representative says no!

Will this be resolved? Yes, but not without a few more calls between the lawyers for the town and the county. Wasting more of everyone’s time and energy.

Again, I begin to wonder if there are not too many layers of government “serving” the good folks of Fort Salonga. Know that the FSA will continue to advocate for you!

Wishing you a delightful summer!

Paul Graf

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