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Roads and Highways: Speeding Concerns, Maintenance, and More

Residents have reached out to the Association to express concerns regarding the speeding on Bread and Cheese Hollow Road. While the accident rate has declined from when it was nicknamed “Brake and Crash Road,” speeding remains a community concern. The recent repaving of Townline Road has created a smooth glidepath into Bread and Cheese, while the VA expansion and widening of Pulaski Road will contribute additional traffic.

We have limited options other than increased police surveillance and we have reached out to both the 2nd and 4th precincts to increase their presence. We have also attempted to enlist the County with B&C now a county road, as well as Smithtown and Huntington traffic safety departments, requesting electronic speed feedback signs. Smithtown has agreed to our request and has installed one at the south end of the road. Unfortunately both the county and Huntington have declined to join Smithtown, feeling these feedback signs are of little value in altering driving behavior.

As a result of a lawsuit brought by Huntington, the county now has responsibility for paving and striping Bread and Cheese, work previously done by Smithtown Highway. The responsibility for snow and sand removal, litter removal, and drain maintenance has continued to be done by Smithtown. The Commissioner of Public Works for the County is in discussions with Smithtown Highway to finalize road related responsibilities and we will keep the community informed as to the final resolution. Community concerns related to road surface maintenance should be directed to Gilbert Anderson, Commissioner, at 631-852-4011.

The Pulaski Road project and upgrading of the Bread and Cheese intersection work is due to be complete by year end. Litter problems along Pulaski should be directed to the Town of Huntington Highway west of Bread and Cheese and to the County on the east side of this intersection.

Smithtown Highway has been busy clearing the storm drains in Fort Salonga, which we appreciate. Huntington will be repaving the roadway of Mountain View Drive in 2014, subject to necessary funding and completion of Brittany Estates. Pothole repair and follow up on road sweeping are being performed here as needed.

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