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Roads & Highways Spring 2014 Update

Our town highway departments have been hard at work repairing potholes from our horrific winter which played havoc with our roads. The FSA recently met with town highway superintendents Pete Gunther and Glenn Jorgensen to discuss our pothole crisis and also to discuss efforts to resolve responsibility for Bread and Cheese. A recent lawsuit by the Town of Huntington has resulted in Suffolk County assuming responsibility for this heavily trafficked road. While this decision is being contested by the county, both the county and Smithtown Highway are collaborating on maintenance of the road and road related issues. We are also working with Huntington to provide litter removal on the west side where there are fewer homeowners to police their property.

Prior to our meeting with the highway superintendents we did an informal survey of our roads to identify those in most need of repaving. Huntington will be repaving Crestview and Rambling and a full list of the repaving plan for 2014 can be found on under highway department and street talk. Smithtown will be repaving Heights, Rochelle and Lisa Court. If your road is a candidate we encourage you to contact the appropriate highway department.

The Pulaski Road reconstruction project has been delayed until June and has contributed to some creative diversionary tactics as drivers try to avoid the congestion. Orchard Drive and Meadow Glen have seen an increase in traffic and much of it ignores speed limits. We have been attempting to have electronic speed feedback signs installed along Bread and Cheese but with little success. The towns are reluctant to incur the maintenance costs.

The 25A corridor is a disaster between Fort Salonga and Huntington and we are in repeated discussions with N.Y. State to expedite repaving since it is well beyond the cold patch cure. With the exception of 25A our roads are on the mend.

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