Important Telephone Numbers to Have on Hand

We’ve all heard the expression, “See something say something.” Here are the applicable numbers to call when the situation arises.

First and foremost, call 911 in all Emergencies. This includes crimes in progress, life threatening emergencies, fire or medical emergencies.

For Non-Emergencies call 852-cops (2677). This includes loud parties, parking complaints, prior incidents, barking dogs, loud noise, other disturbances and any other non-emergencies that require a police officer to respond.

Animal Control
Huntington 631-754-8722
Smithtown 631-360-7575

Public Safety
Huntington 631-351-3167
Smithtown 631360-7553

Traffic Safety
Huntington 631-351-3053
Smithtown 631-360-7635

General information not requiring a police officer to respond call the precinct desks.
Smithtown 4th precinct 631-854-8400
Huntington 2nd precinct 631-854-8200

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