The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Huntington Affairs

The Environment of Open Space & Park Advisory Committee (EOSPA) has, and hopefully will continue to acquire property for the open space program.

During the early part of last year, The Town of Huntington purchased the Tannenbaum property. 3.5 acres located at 1064 Ft. Salonga Rd. opposite Makamah Rd for this program. Towards the latter part of the year the town purchased an additional 7.5 acres on Timber Point Drive. This property is adjacent to the above mentioned.

These properties create a permanent access from the 140+ acre Makamah Preserve to 30+ acres of trails (LIPA right of way) to the south. The trails are currently used by bikers, runners and hikers. Our community continues to support the Open Space Program.

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