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Established 1946


Roads and Highways

Years ago, Bread and Cheese was given the nickname ‘Break and Crash Road’. Unfortunately, it continues to live up to that reputation. On New Year’s Day a car hit a telephone pole, closing the road for ten hours. There continues to be numerous fender benders, compounded by speeding and illegal truck traffic. If you see illegal through truck traffic, we encourage you to report it to any identified trucking companies as well as the local police. In spite of the efforts of County Legislator Trotta, both Huntington and Smithtown will not agree to additional stop signs. The argument is they are not designed to slow traffic, but to protect intersections, and each cross street already has a stop sign.

Your FSA recently successfully petitioned Suffolk County (now the owner of B&C) to repair the numerous potholes but we are now well beyond the point of pothole repair. Consequently, we and County Legislator Trotta will be meeting with Gil Anderson, County Commissioner to re-quest a repave in the spring as soon as weather permits. Suffolk County is considering upgrading this road to county standards, involving sidewalks, widening and street lights a la Pulaski, something most residents are not in favor of. We are asking only for a repave. Unfortunately this may well increase speeding.

To address speeding and reckless driving we have been in contact with both 2nd and 4th precincts and requested increased surveillance. We also have reached out to Northport VA to inform their employees and visitors to drive more carefully. Their employees and visitors represent a significant amount of traffic and may contribute to speeding violations.

In 2016 we obtained from Smithtown Highway a list of Fort Salonga roads to be repaved and shared this with residents. We also successfully coordinated the re-paving of streets after gas lines were installed. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain a similar list of roads from Huntington. Also, our repeated efforts to have Middleville and the intersection with Old Bridge repaved and restriped were not addressed last year. Middleville is a hilly, winding, dangerous road with a large amount of VA traffic and many pot-holes, poorly repaired.

We recently had a very positive meeting with Huntington Highway officials to reinforce the need for our road issues to be addressed this year. We were given every expectation of action and a sharing of their paving schedule. We have also reached out to the VA to support our Middleville re-quest since it is their only access road. If your road is a candidate, please contact the appropriate town before spring repaving.

To assist you in contacting the appropriate agencies here is contact information:

Huntington Highway 631 499 2133, hotline: 631 499 0444

Huntington pothole reporting

Smithtown Highway 631 360 7500

2nd Pct. Police (Huntington) 631 854 8200

4th Pct. Police (Smithtown) 631 854 8400

Community relations (COPE) 631 854 8478

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