The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Summary of Annual Election of Officers

This past election marked a major departure from past elections and a major challenge to insure we would conduct a scrupulously honest and fair election. Traditionally, we have always voted on a slate of officers submitted by our nominating committee, and held elections consistent with our 1946 by-laws at our December meeting. Because there were, for the first time ever, independent candidates, we needed to insure they were given time to submit names and meet the by-law requirements. We therefore postponed the election to January.

Due to the rancorous nature of this year’s pre-election campaigning, we decided to proceed in a way that would not call into question the date change or legitimacy of the election process.

To that end, we mailed postcards early to all residents advising of the date change. We followed up with personally addressed first class letters with a ballot enclosed and indicated the family’s membership status. We also e-mailed our members and posted on our web site. Being a paid member is a requirement for voter eligibility. We also indicated their physical presence was necessary to vote. If individuals could not produce their official letter, they were asked to bring a driver’s license to verify their address. They could pay dues at the time of voting if 2016 or 2017 dues were not previously paid. This was necessary to meet the terms of our by-laws which, admittedly, need to be upgraded. For that reason we are forming a committee to update our 70 year old by-laws to address absentee ballots and other changes including e-mail voting. For this past election we were obliged to follow our current by-laws, which we did.

We set up multiple registration tables to minimize waiting time and arranged for an independent auditor to supervise the election and actually record the results. We asked the most vocal critic of our organization, Bill Berg, to select the auditor to record the votes which were deposited in a sealed lockbox. Bill also served at the registration desk. The results were recorded and reported to us the following day. Frank Capaccio received 95 votes and Joan Bubaris 83 votes. Frank was declared the winner. Other board candidates were elected unanimously. We then communicated this to the community. We have posted on our website the auditor’s full report and also at the IGA bulletin board. This report describes each step taken to insure a totally fair and well supervised election. We invite you to read the full report.

While nothing is perfect, your board feels we went above and beyond to insure a scrupulously fair election. Unfortunately, even after all this effort to insure compliance and inviting participation by opposition representatives, some individuals still question the election results. This is very disappointing to your board after the many hours we expended to make everyone’s vote count.

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