The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Thank You For the Opportunity to Serve

By Will Safer

I recently resigned from my role as vice president of the FSA, and wanted to thank my fellow board members and the community for the opportunity you gave me to serve. My reasons are the usual ones: my family deserves more of my time and my job demands more of it.

I first volunteered with the FSA a few years ago with a few simple goals in mind: to relaunch the website, help redesign the newsletter, and help develop the natural gas interest effort for our community. The FSA can claim success in all three areas. Each was the result of shared effort among board members.

I also led the effort to organize the FSA’s Jan. 31 election. Because this was the first election in more than four decades with an independent challenger, it was particularly important to follow the FSA’s by-laws exactly. We also hired an independent auditor to be present at the election, confirm an empty ballot box at the start of the evening, receive ballots, and count votes. Overall, there were multiple safeguards and layers of review, which prevented errors and assures the community of a fair and open election. I offer my thanks to Bill Berg for his organizing effort, and also to Joe and Joy Stolfi, Barbara Mandelik, Frank Konop, Katherine Kovins, and Thomas Janusz for their work the evening of the election. Thanks also to independent auditor Kathy Gaye, who provided a great service to our community.

I decided before the election that this would be my final project for the FSA. I informed the rest of the FSA board of my decision after the election was over, but before the votes were tallied. I wanted it to be clear I was not resigning as a protest against whichever of the two presidential candidates won. I am glad to claim a good working relationship with both Frank Capaccio and Joan Bubaris, and I wish them both well. I hope everyone in the community will join me in wishing Frank and the rest of the board the very best for 2017 and beyond. I know they’ll be working hard on behalf of Fort Salonga.

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