The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Spring Cleaning Our Neighborhoods

The snow has melted.  The trees and shrubs are blooming.  Pollen is in the air.  And litter is in our streets.  We have all become aware of the growing problem of litter on the side of the many streets and roads in Fort Salonga.  When the winds blow, so does the garbage.  In addition, inconsiderate motorists travel our roads and discard their sandwich bags, coffee cups, soda bottles, water bottles, beer cans and more. This is our community and we can all do our part to keep Fort Salonga clean.

Fort Salonga has roads that are the responsibility of the state, county and towns of Smithtown and Huntington.  This further complicates getting the roads cleaned unless the proper agency is contacted. Here are some helpful phone numbers and requests can also be made on each agency’s website 24/7.

Huntington Highway Department: 631-351-3074

Smithtown Highway Department:  631-360-7500

Suffolk County Highway Department: 631-852-4070

New York State: 952-952-6702


Let’s all  pitch in and work together to keep Fort Salonga beautiful.


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