The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946

The President’s Message – Spring 2017

Dear Neighbor,

While beautiful in all seasons, I always feel Spring really showcases the true beauty of Fort Salonga with our rolling hills, water views and expanding foliage, reinforcing my decision to live here. Our commitment at the FSA continues, as it has for the past 70 years, to preserve and protect our community and our remaining open spaces. Additionally, we seek to protect the existing character and safety of individual neighborhoods for all our residents. An important part of our mission is to foster a sense of community through our various community events. I want to thank the many residents who have supported us in these efforts through your enthusiastic response to our recent membership drive.

In the following pages of our spring newsletter you will read about our efforts across many fronts. The primary focus remains the proposed Indian Hills CC development. We have had discussions with the developer and the town, and are very focused on the environmental implications.  While this parcel has received the major focus, other proposed developments are also pending. The 25 acre pending development at Cumberland and Bread & Cheese is of concern due to its hilly topography and we will work to insure this is considered in determining overall yield. Also the Dejana truck facility is being expanded and the old asphalt plant at the corner of Pulaski and Town Line Road is up for sale, having passed a DEC cleanup inspection. This will generate additional truck traffic in a very congested and dangerous area and we have shared these concerns with the Town.

Our roads are an ongoing challenge with four separate agencies (Huntington, Smithtown, NY State and Suffolk County) involved and a large volume of VA traffic traversing them each day. Bread and Cheese and Middleville are a particular concern. The County will be repaving Bread and Cheese and, in collaboration with the Northport VA, we have obtained agreement from Huntington to repave Middleville this year. We will keep you informed through our web site and e-mails to members on all these challenges. We are also working to update our member data base so we can more accurately keep you informed and will be modifying our bylaws to facilitate voting at future elections.

As always, our traditional Spring Egg Hunt was well attended and, as the enclosed pictures prove, it remains the best 12 minutes of the year. While we postponed our Spring Brunch we will be hosting a new residents’ party later in the year, and always welcome suggestions for new events.


Warmest Regards,


Frank  Capaccio

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