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Owl Hill Update

The Planning Department has advised that the Town has officially signed the contract required by the State in order for the Town to secure the $500,000 preservation grant that it was awarded by the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for the acquisition of acreage at the Owl Hill Site.  The Town has commissioned an appraiser to value the property for the purpose of determining a fair market value per acre.  We will keep the community apprised of further developments.

As a note to our members: If you or any person or company that you do business with requires additional sewer flow rights in order to expand a business in Smithtown or Suffolk County, please contact the FSA so we can put you in touch with the parties who are in charge of the TDR Programs (Transfer of Development Rights) in our area.  As reported in several of our prior newsletters, the local TDR programs allow commercial property owners to expand their business in exchange for their purchasing development right credits (aka density flow rights) from undeveloped land, resulting in the preservation of that lot in perpetuity. In short, these TDR programs offer us the opportunity to preserve and protect more acreage in our beloved hamlet – – let’s take advantage!

Cleanup at Residence on Bread and Cheese

As reported in our last newsletter, upon the recommendation of Assistant Town Attorney Martin Simon, Esq., the Town of Smithtown’s Town Board voted to have the Town’s emergency services contractor enter and cleanup the property at 207 Bread and Cheese Hollow Road.  We are happy to report that all excess junk was removed and the property is now in compliance with all relevant codes. The Town Attorney’s office and the FSA would like to thank the neighbors for their diligence and patience, and we would like to thank the homeowners for their decorum and cooperation throughout the process.

Dejana Truck Facility Expansion

In an April 25 letter to the Town, the FSA urged the Town of Smithtown’s Planning Department and Board of Site Plan Review (Town Board) to take into consideration all of the negative impacts that the proposed Dejana trucking facility presented for our residents, including increased truck traffic on Pulaski and Meadow Glen, increased illegal truck traffic on Bread and Cheese, increased automobile contaminated runoff and decreased property values.

On July 11, the Board of Site Plan Review voted unanimously to conditionally approve a revised site plan submitted by the Dejana Truck and Utility Equipment Company for the construction of a two story, 35,000 square foot industrial building on the 3.92 acre plot of vacant land that sits directly adjacent to their current facility.  Like the current facility, the adjacent lot is zoned light industrial.  The proposed building does not violate any zoning code restrictions, but the Town’s Planning Department urged the Town Board to only approve the site plan if the owners agreed to certain conditions, including the widening of street-side buffers.  We expect the land to be cleared soon but do not have a timetable as to when construction will begin.  We have attempted to meet with the owners of the property on several occasions but they have been unresponsive. We will keep the community posted as we learn more about this project.

National Grid Update

The FSA is continually working with the Town of Smithtown’s Highway Department and National Grid to coordinate natural gas expansion in Fort Salonga.  At current, the Town has tentatively scheduled to include Hastings Drive (west to Bread and Cheese) and adjacent Bradshaw Lane in their 2017-2018 repavement plans, offering the potential for gas-line expansion in those roads.  With gas lines already installed at the eastern end of Hastings, expansion in this area should be relatively manageable.  In addition to our Smithtown Roads, the Suffolk County Department of Public Works has indicated intentions to pave Bread and Cheese Hollow Road in the 2017-2018 period. Legislator Robert Trotta is working with the DPW, National Grid and the FSA to secure gas-line expansion along Bread and Cheese. We will keep you posted.  We do not have any gas expansion updates for Huntington at the moment.

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