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Interested in Natural Gas Service in Fort Salonga? Register Here

National Grid provides natural gas service on Long Island, but service is limited in Fort Salonga. The more neighbors who register, the more likely service can reach your street, and the more the price of installation per household can come down.

Register your name and contact information with our natural gas interest list with the form below. The FSA will maintain this list and begin to help neighbors understand what may be possible with National Grid service in the future. Although a number of residents have been in contact with National Grid, the company does not compile a list of these contacts for street mapping or strategic planning. Consequently, there is no way for National Grid to know where there is a “critical mass” of interested neighbors in any area. National Grid relies on a grass roots approach by neighbors to track interest.

As the FSA understands it, National Grid operates under the guidelines of Public Service commission requirements. National Grid will pay for the cost of the first 100 feet of new pipeline along a road for each household that commits to natural gas service, and an additional 100 feet of pipeline from the road to the home of a new customer who commits to a full conversion for service.

The FSA intends to use the information gathered from this web page in a few ways. We will send you periodic messages with information about natural gas service. Also, as different streets reach critical mass points of interest, we intend to collect groups of addresses and bring these to National Grid for assessment. Note that this is not a typical disclaimer about data or email collection. Your email will be added to the larger FSA email list, so you will receive general FSA news as well as specific natural gas news. After you submit your information you will receive an email confirmation. And you can remove your name and email from this list whenever you like.

National Grid doesn’t have rules or guidance for organizing neighbors and communities. The FSA board will pursue this issue as opportunities present themselves and as neighbors express their interest over time. So by design this is a grass-roots effort, and its outcome and timeline are not specific.

If the gas line is near your home, now may be the time to submit your application for service. You can find the form here: EE5302_SLA_Resi_2016_LI (3).

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35 Responses to Interested in Natural Gas Service in Fort Salonga? Register Here

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  2. fred munch says:

    Very interested in converting to natural gas!

  3. Jerry DiLiberto says:

    We have been waiting for 30 yrs for Natural Gas to come to our area. It would be a dream come true!!

    • I think it would it would be a wonderful idea. It’s clean, easier, cleaner, and very efficient. I have an electric stove now, I find it very expensive to use, hard to use, bad temperature control, takes too long to get up to cooking temperature. I find I burn more then I cook or it’s not evenly cooked. I could go on & on. I am remodeling my kitchen and I was thinking of converting to bottle gas just to get rid of the electric stove. Yes join me in on the natural gas committee. I am all for it.
      Valdemar Duncan, (Hank)

  4. FSA says:

    Thanks for your interest Fred, Jerry, and everyone else. Spread the word to your neighbors. Encourage them to visit the web site and to register their interest.

  5. Sarah Taiclet says:

    We would love to have natural gas in our neighborhood! No more propane tanks! I hope my neighbors in Beverly Beach agree and sign up too!! 🙂 Sarah T.

  6. We would be happy to have natural gas to help us with the cost of oil prices

    • FSA says:

      We share your sentiment, Maria. Make sure you fill out the form so your name, email, and address are added to the list.

  7. Lisa says:

    Very interested in converting! Can’t see map! Curious to know how far gas is from me now…

  8. Joan says:

    My husband had wanted to convert our house to gas for years also as it burns cleaner, less dust in home, better for your health, cooking and clothes dryer and ultimately it is cheaper to heat compared to oil. The natural gas line is in our street between Orchard Drive and Meadow Glen intersection. We are literally 2 houses away and can’t get it due to the initial high cost of bringing the line over. The Grid needs to work with us and offer a better deal.

  9. elizabeth says:

    interested in switching to gas

    • FSA says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      That’s great. Go ahead and sign up for with our form on this page. Your address will be added to our growing list of Fort Salonga residents who want to make the switch!

  10. Gordan O says:

    I am in a tough location for Gas service. Although I live on Meadow Glen Rd and Woodhollow Rd is actually closer to my home, either of which has gas lines presently, my home is over 600 feet away from either location. A few years back LIPA told me it would cost roughly $15K to run gas to my residence. I am wondering about how much cheaper it may be with this campaign, hard to say if anything at all in my circumstance.

  11. Pete says:

    Would be happy to have gas

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  13. Joy says:

    We would love to have natural gas come to Glenview Avenue; we understand it’s been very close by (on Linwood) for quite a number of years already. It just makes sense on so many levels.

    • FSA says:

      The more neighbors who sign up for our list, the more likely we are to find success for whole sections of Fort Salonga. Keep spreading the word!

  14. Richard and Deborra fontana says:

    Hi. We are new owners on old bridge and would love to convert to gas.

  15. Joe says:

    I am very interested in converting to natural gas

  16. Ellen and Tony Fantauzzi says:

    I am interested in Natural Gas. I didn’t think I subscribed but when I complete the forms, I get a response that I already did! Please make sure we are on the list

  17. Bernadette says:

    We live on Glenview Avenue and are wondering if there are any further steps we must take in order to be on the list to convert to natural gas?

    • FSA says:

      The FSA is keeping National Grid up to date with all the residents’ interest in natural gas. See the latest newsletter mailed to your home to learn more.

  18. Dennis says:

    Would Love to convert to natural gas.

  19. Paul Biegler says:

    Very interested in converting to Natural gas. LIPA told us 16 year’s ago that it would be in by 2002…. Finally.

  20. Tiffany says:

    I am dying to get it on Breezy Hill Drive!

  21. Tiffany says:

    yes I did

  22. Paul Langer says:

    We would like to have natural gas at our home.

  23. Mark Gaeta says:

    I would like to report that there has been some activity on meadow glen and the area
    It appears that they tied in the missing section of meadow glen (zoom in on map) and actually stubbed the main about 10 feet into Susan Drive. This was completed in the last couple weeks. All those on Susan Drive should call the utility. if we all want gas they will run it. I am a bit too far to get it alone at this point. If you live off meadow glen, I would also suggest you look where your street comes into meadow glen… the gas is marked in yellow paint and the letters GM.

  24. Tiffany says:

    Any News regarding getting a line on Breezy Hill Drive? I have a few families interested.

  25. Susan says:

    moving into the area and the gas line goes near our house, but not all the way to it. We are VERY interested in natural gas!

  26. Paulette Falbo says:

    I live on Green Knoll Ct. and am very interested in converting to natural gas!!

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