The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946

Annual Meeting

Join us for our annual meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 7 p.m. in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria. All Fort Salonga residents are welcome to attend.

Our annual election for the FSA board will take place at this meeting. All 2018 paid FSA members are eligible to vote. One vote per household.  The slate of officers is:

  • President Frank Capaccio
  • Vice President Scott Paisley
  • Secretary Katherine Kovins
  • Treasurer Joe Stolfi

Our guest speaker, Keith Scott, is currently the Director of Education for the Safe Center LI, and he established the first“on-demand” Narcan program on Long Island. He holds an MA in Public Policy from Stony Brook University, a BA in Criminal Justice from LIU, and is a CASAC-T.

Refreshments will be available


Annual Meeting Elections

At the December 6th annual meeting the following elections took place and the slate of officers were elected as follows:

President:          Frank Capaccio

Vice-President:  Scott Paisley

Secretary:          Ellen Fantauzzi

Treasurer:          Joe Stolfi

Directors:           Barbara Mandelik, Richard Gasser

Additional information on directors and their responsibilites can be found on the drop-down under officers and directors


The President’s Message Fall 2017

Dear Fort Salonga Neighbors,

As we enter the fall and winter months, the leaves turn color and the days shorten portending change. Our town government will also be changing with the retirement of our two long serving town supervisors, Frank Petrone and Pat Vecchio. We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with both over the years and wish them the best in their retirement. Since our hamlet overlaps two towns, we are presented with the challenge of dealing with multiple town agencies with different zoning and ordinances. Our long-standing commitment to represent the entire community has resulted in interaction with both supervisors on many occasions on numerous issues. They have consistently supported us and our community’s interests. We will continue our active involvement with both new administrations, scheduling early-on meetings, and also inviting them to speak at our spring brunch so you, our residents, can meet them personally.

On December 6th we will also be holding elections for the officers and directors who will be representing our community in 2018 and beyond. This will be held at the Fort Salonga School (Sunken Meadow Rd.) on December 6th at 7 PM. I encourage you to attend, stay informed and support our organization.  Louis Amsler from Richter’s Orchard will present a brief walk down memory lane, sharing the amazing history of the oldest surviving family apple orchard on Long Island. We will also provide updates on pending subdivisions, gas main expansion and road repaving among other topics. Refreshments including fresh Richters’s cold pressed cider and apples will be served.

We close out the year with our traditional caroling at IGA on December 16th before the arrival of the KPFD . This is always a fun family event with hot dogs, hot chocolate and a sing-along with former president Paul Graf and his holiday troubadours. I look forward to joining you there.

Warmest Regards,

Frank Capaccio

Richters Orchard

At our annual meeting on December 6th, residents will get re-introduced to our famous Ft. Salonga apple family, the Amslers. They are the owners of the oldest Long Island family run orchard, begun back in 1900 by Frederick Richter, a confectioner. In 1934 Louis Amsler, a graduate of Farmingdale College, purchased the farm from Fred where he had worked since 1900. In 1932 Mr. Amsler and his sister initiated a petition to give a nearby dirt road known alternately as Upper and Lower Middleville Road an official status. Their suggestion, Old Bridge Road, was approved and the name remains today, even though we do have a newer bridge.

After Mr. Richter passed away the sons, Lou and Andy, took over. Both are graduates of Cornell University College of Agriculture. Open year round, the orchard offers all popular crisp apples from mid-August through May. In addition peaches and pears are available during the summer. Starting in October, fresh apple cider is available, pressed and pasteurized on site. A drive up the long entrance off Pulaski Road transports you back to a simpler time with the smell of apples in the air.

Several years ago the entire property was at risk of being sold for development. The FSA supported funding from Huntington and Suffolk County to include limited development but preservation of the primary orchard acreage in perpetuity. The resolution passed and now we and future generations will continue to enjoy Long Island’s best apples.

Annual Meeting


Join us for our annual meeting on Wednesday, December 6th 7 PM in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria. All Fort Salonga residents are welcome to attend.

 Our annual election for the FSA board will take place at this meeting. All 2017 paid FSA members are eligible to vote. One vote per household.  The slate of officers is as follows:


                              President  Frank Capaccio

                             Vice President  Scott Paisley

                             Secretary Ellen Fantauzzi

                             Treasurer Joe Stolfi

                             Directors  Barbara Mandelik, Richard Gasser


Our guest speaker will be Louis Amsler, an owner of Richters Orchard, the oldest Long Island family-run orchard.  They will talk about the history of this treasure right in our own backyard.


                            Refreshments will be available

                    WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ON DECEMBER 6th!

FSA Election Update: When & Where, Candidate Statements, Bring Your Ballot, and More

When & Where
The Fort Salonga Association annual meeting and election is Jan. 31, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria, 39 Sunken Meadow Rd. Read More

Annual Meeting & Election Jan. 31, 7-8:30 p.m., Fort Salonga Elementary School Cafeteria

The Fort Salonga Association annual meeting and election is Jan. 31, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria, 39 Sunken Meadow Rd.

The guest speaker will be Police Officer Angela Ferrara.

The election process, candidate statements, and ballots will be mailed to all Fort Salonga households in advance of the election.

Questions? Please email

Annual Meeting Postponed

Dear Neighbors,

The Fort Salonga Association’s Annual Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 6, is being postponed. There will be no meeting at the elementary school on Dec. 6. The new meeting date will be announced shortly.

Since our association’s founding in 1946 our officers and directors have always tried to represent the interests of our community at large. We have never been a single issue organization, representing only the few. We are now trying to navigate the very difficult issues surrounding the Indian Hills Country Club with the FSPOA (Fort Salonga Property Owners Association), not to be confused with the FSA. The FSPOA is against the zoning change and the Northwind Group’s plans for development.

Early this week, the FSA board voted to support the zoning change but not the specific plan put forward by the club owner. This has obviously left the FSPOA leadership and its supporters feeling that we are not representing their interests.

Separately, three members of the FSPOA are seeking to be considered for FSA board positions in our upcoming election. We determined that their initial independent nominations did not meet our requirements, which means their names would not have appeared on the ballot.

At the FSPOA’s own community meeting earlier this week, by way of email, and in the local press, FSPOA supporters have expressed extreme displeasure with our board’s decisions. The three independent candidates for the election maintain that their nominations are valid, and that our by-laws require a different interpretation.

Postponing the Annual Meeting and Election
In at least the last 40 years, this is the only time the FSA has had to prepare for a possibly contested election. While our by-laws allow for independent nominations, and provide a process for a contested election, this is essentially a new process for us. As a result, the FSA board has decided we must postpone our annual meeting and election for 45 to 60 days so we can process an open and fair election. We are in communication with the FSPOA leadership and the three independent candidates.

Soon we will announce the new date for the community meeting and election, will publish a complete ballot with all incumbent and the three independent candidate names, and instructions for how Fort Salonga Association members can vote.

Fort Salonga Faces Many Challenges
We believe it is important to show that we are an organization that represents the whole Fort Salonga community, whether you live in Town of Huntington or Town of Smithtown, near the VA or the industrial area, or by Indian Hills. Despite our hamlet occupying a small space on the map, we contend with a broad range of issues and opportunities.

The Indian Hills plan has understandably generated a great deal of interest by our residents. The builder has met numerous times with the FSA, members of the club, and those who live nearby. While some concerns have been mitigated the site plan and environmental concerns still require the community’s careful review. The FSA board was not unanimous in its decision to support the zoning change, but a majority did vote in favor of this decision. You can see a copy of the letter sent on behalf of the board to Town of Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone on the FSA website at In the letter to Supervisor Petrone the FSA states that the ultimate configuration of development, including size, type, and quantity of homes is yet to be determined. Also the SEQRA analysis could impact the final plan. All of these factors will be considered by FSA.

The rezoning does not compromise our one acre zoning. Any homes, cluster or single family, will not exceed the one acre yield of the property. The purpose of the cluster zoning law is to preserve open space.

We’ve had residents come to our monthly meetings throughout the year to voice their opinions, and the entire board has read every message sent to What we’ve learned is for many people this is not a simple issue. We’ve heard from people who are concerned for the environment and are against the Northwind plan, and from people who are concerned for the environment and are in favor of the Northwind plan. We’ve also heard from people who support one view or another but tell us they are afraid of retaliation from neighbors if they make their opinions known. We hope that feeling will change but it will take good effort on everyone’s part.

There are challenges and opportunities ahead. In the coming year the FSA looks forward to working with all the residents, including the leadership and members of the FSPOA, on solutions that make Fort Salonga the very best community it can be for all of us.

Yours truly,
Frank Capaccio
Fort Salonga Association

The President’s Message: Autumn 2014

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailDear neighbors,

The days are growing shorter as we round up the oceans of leaves that flow through Fort Salonga each autumn. Know that your Association is actively engaged in representing the interests of this community. Herein are a number of updates about our work.

Longbotham Property – We have been in continued contact with the neighbors near Sea Shell Lane in monitoring proposed plans for the Longbotham property. This week we presented our shared concerns to the Smithtown Board of Zoning Appeals, encouraging them to view this environmentally sensitive parcel through the prism of current Town Code and their local waterfront resource management plan. We believe that it through covenants regarding the current structures and future development all interested parties can be protected.

Annual Meeting – Please join us at this year’s Annual Meeting – Wednesday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Fort Salonga Elementary School. On this evening residents will be voting on a proposed slate of officers and directors and two proposed changes to the by-laws meant enhance the work of our organization. Our guest speaker will be the Assistant Director of the Smithtown Planning Department Dave Flynn.

Holiday Sing Along – Saturday, Dec. 20 at 2 p.m. followed by a visit from Santa and the Kings Park Fire Department in the Country Corners Shopping Center. You know the drill: come early, enjoy crafts for kids, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and sing along with the Fort Salonga Holiday Band. It is always a great way to ignite the spirit of the season.

An appreciation – Several of our valued directors will be stepping down at the end of this year. They include director and former President Ken Kraska, who has keep this organization on solid footing, coordinating our scholarships, egg hunt, and maintenance of the membership database; Kevin Claus who has coordinated the Spring Brunch and led our activities committee; and Paul Zacher, our friendly representative in the northern part of the hamlet who represented his neighbors in challenging the proposed expansion of the Country Club in the early 2000s and who currently represents the FSA at the Crab Meadow Watershed Task Force meetings. Each of these industrious individuals contributed time, talent, and insight to the FSA. Their partnership will be missed.

Lastly, let’s hear from you! We have been awarding scholarships since the early ’90s we would love to hear what our former winners are doing in their careers or coursework. Please drop me a line. We are also well aware of the number of beach associations that contribute to the management of our community. Recently, we have worked closely with the Makammah Beach and Salonga Seas groups. We are creating a list of all associations. Kindly, send an email to so that we can register your organization’s contact information and enhance our partnership.

Wishing you a delightful season,

Paul Graf

Come to the Fort Salonga Association Annual Meeting, 12/4, 7:30 p.m.

Please join us on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 7:30 p.m., in the Fort Salonga Elementary School Cafeteria (39 Sunken Meadow Road) for the election of officers and directors, as well as a full update on the Association’s efforts and expression of your concerns.

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