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Q and A with Mr. Frank Petrone 2017

Interview session with Mr. Frank Petrone 2017

  • The Fort Salonga community is very interested in the proposed cluster development at Indian Hills Country Club. Can you update us on this issue?

It is our understanding that the applicant intends to withdrawn his request for a zone change on this property and will pursue an as of right cluster development via the Town Law Section 278. Essentially the applicant will pursue a development that is similar to the conceptual plan submitted with the Zone Change application. However the yield will be determined by the number of homes that can be achieved via a standard R-40 subdivision. It is anticipated that the Planning Board will require many of the same open space benefits offered in the prior plan, including the preservation of the golf course. It is expected that the Planning Board will issue a positive determination and a full EIS will be required to comply with SEQRA.

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Huntington Affairs

On July 26 the Planning Board passed a resolution to accept a yield map for Indian Hills Country Club which shows 98 residential units and one 5.8 acre club house site under the current R-40 zone. This number is before the SEQRA process, roads etc. The next step in the process is for site plan review and SEQRA.

Update on Brenna Estates: we are waiting for the next submission by the applicant of an acceptable yield map. This will be presented at a future Planning Board meeting.

The requested variances for the shopping center on Rinaldo Rd & 25A (southeast corner) requested by the 1014 Holding Company is status quo. We are waiting for the results from the last ZBA meeting.