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Smithtown Master Plan

The Town of Smithtown is in the process of launching its Comprehensive Plan to shape the physical, social, environmental, and economic future of the Town. It will serve as a guide for the development of the community by providing a framework for preserving the Town’s character and appearance, ensuring its diversity, supporting investment, and promoting desired change. It also provides the legal basis for control over future development, land use planning policy, and zoning changes

Toward this end, the Town held several public meetings in each hamlet of Smithtown during March and April to spread the word and elicit residents’ thoughts and ideas on topics such as transportation, parking, environment, land use, community facilities and parks, and historic preservation. Among those present and available to answer questions and concerns were Supervisor Wehrheim, Councilman Tom Lohmann, Planning Director Peter Hans, and representatives from the engineering and architectural firm of H2M. 

Topics of particular interest to the FSA included the third Dejana property on the corner of Townline and Pulaski Roads, repair of Bread and Cheese Hollow Road, and the proposed Indoor Organic Waste Facility on a 64-acre site on Old Northport Road in Kings Park. Residents of Fort Salonga must remain involved and vigilant on these issues and others (like the Kings Park sewer project) as Smithtown finalizes its Master Plan.

Smithtown News

Smithtown Update
The Dejana property on Pulaski Road has begun to clear
the way for their new facility. The FSA has reached out to
the owners requesting a meeting so that we can get a feel
for their plans for their property and discuss the community’s
concerns about the project. In addition, we have recently
learned that the Dejana company has purchased the
vacant site at the corner of Town Line and Pulaski
Roads. No plans to develop the property have been filed,
however, the FSA hopes to discuss the future of this property
with the new owners (Dejana) very soon. As always,
we will keep the community updated.

Smithtown News

Owl Hill Update

The Planning Department has advised that the Town has officially signed the contract required by the State in order for the Town to secure the $500,000 preservation grant that it was awarded by the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation for the acquisition of acreage at the Owl Hill Site.  The Town has commissioned an appraiser to value the property for the purpose of determining a fair market value per acre.  We will keep the community apprised of further developments.

As a note to our members: If you or any person or company that you do business with requires additional sewer flow rights in order to expand a business in Smithtown or Suffolk County, please contact the FSA so we can put you in touch with the parties who are in charge of the TDR Programs (Transfer of Development Rights) in our area.  As reported in several of our prior newsletters, the local TDR programs allow commercial property owners to expand their business in exchange for their purchasing development right credits (aka density flow rights) from undeveloped land, resulting in the preservation of that lot in perpetuity. In short, these TDR programs offer us the opportunity to preserve and protect more acreage in our beloved hamlet – – let’s take advantage!

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