The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Annual Meeting


Join us for our annual meeting on Wednesday, December 6th 7 PM in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria. All Fort Salonga residents are welcome to attend.

 Our annual election for the FSA board will take place at this meeting. All 2017 paid FSA members are eligible to vote. One vote per household.  The slate of officers is as follows:


                              President  Frank Capaccio

                             Vice President  Scott Paisley

                             Secretary Ellen Fantauzzi

                             Treasurer Joe Stolfi

                             Directors  Barbara Mandelik, Richard Gasser


Our guest speaker will be Louis Amsler, an owner of Richters Orchard, the oldest Long Island family-run orchard.  They will talk about the history of this treasure right in our own backyard.


                            Refreshments will be available

                    WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ON DECEMBER 6th!


Election Day

The Fort Salonga Association would like to remind the community to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


Summary of Annual Election of Officers

This past election marked a major departure from past elections and a major challenge to insure we would conduct a scrupulously honest and fair election. Traditionally, we have always voted on a slate of officers submitted by our nominating committee, and held elections consistent with our 1946 by-laws at our December meeting. Because there were, for the first time ever, independent candidates, we needed to insure they were given time to submit names and meet the by-law requirements. We therefore postponed the election to January. Read More


Thank You For the Opportunity to Serve

By Will Safer

I recently resigned from my role as vice president of the FSA, and wanted to thank my fellow board members and the community for the opportunity you gave me to serve. Read More


Result for Jan. 31, 2017, Election

These are the results for the Fort Salonga Association’s Jan. 31, 2017, election for president.
Frank Capaccio: 95
Joan Bubaris: 83

Frank Capaccio has been reelected to a one-year term as FSA president. Joan Bubaris will continue to serve her term as an FSA director.

You can download the independent auditor’s full report on the vote counting and the election results.


FSA Election Update: When & Where, Candidate Statements, Bring Your Ballot, and More

When & Where
The Fort Salonga Association annual meeting and election is Jan. 31, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria, 39 Sunken Meadow Rd. Read More


Candidate Statement: Frank Capaccio for FSA President

Dear Neighbors,

I first decided to volunteer with the FSA about 10 years ago. My goal? To help foster a community that will give my children and my neighbors’ children things I know are vital to a happy and healthy life: open spaces to enjoy, activities that bring people together to talk and play and get to know each other, and a sense of security and well-being. Read More


Candidate Statement: Joan (Beccaria) Bubaris for FSA President

As a life-long community volunteer, I have served on several boards and worn many different hats. All community boards have a universal goal to advance and fulfill the mission of the organization. The primary objective of the Fort Salonga Association (FSA) is to preserve the town from overdevelopment. Today’s FSA acknowledges the founding members’ mission, but has lost touch with many Fort Salonga residents. For this reason, I would like to serve as President of the FSA. Read More


Annual Meeting & Election Jan. 31, 7-8:30 p.m., Fort Salonga Elementary School Cafeteria

The Fort Salonga Association annual meeting and election is Jan. 31, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., in the Fort Salonga Elementary School cafeteria, 39 Sunken Meadow Rd.

The guest speaker will be Police Officer Angela Ferrara.

The election process, candidate statements, and ballots will be mailed to all Fort Salonga households in advance of the election.

Questions? Please email