The Fort Salonga Association

Established 1946


Looking back…

by Bradley Harris, Smithtown Town Historian

This is the first in a series of articles about the history of the Ft. Salonga area for the Ft. Salonga Association newsletter.  I hope that you will enjoy the articles that appear and find them informative. I am going to start by writing about the early history of the area when there were only a few families living along Bread and Cheese Hollow Road, Sunken Meadow Road, and North Country Road. The village of Ft. Salonga didn’t exist.

The early history of the northwest quadrant of Smithtown, the area that became Ft. Salonga….

            Early maps of the northwest quadrant of Smithtown, the area we identify as Ft. Salonga today, show that this part of Smithtown had a variety of names in the past, and at one time or another was known as Fresh Pond, Tredwell’s Neck, Meadow Glen, Middleville and Ft. Slongo before it became Ft. Salonga.  The name change to Ft. Salonga came sometime in the mid-1880’s when the Fresh Pond Post Office was moved from Middleville, the area where Sunken Meadow Road and Bread and Cheese Hollow Road intersect.  The Post Office was moved to the crossroads of North Country Road and Bread and Cheese Hollow Road and opened in Lewis Smith’s store.  But apparantly there was another Fresh Pond somewhere on the west end of Long Island that was causing a mix-up in the mail, and to end the confusion, the Post Office asked that the name be changed.  It was decided to name the postal district after the Revolutionary War Ft. Slongo, and the name became Ft. Salonga.  How that happened is anybody’s guess.  However, the name Ft. Salonga stuck and has been applied to the geographical area in the northwest quadrant of Smithtown ever since.  Then just to confuse things, the Post Office changed the name of the postal district to East Northport and people living in Ft. Salonga began to question their sanity. Read More


History of the Kings Park Fire Department

This year marks the 100th formal anniversary of the Kings Park Fire Department. Local historian and author Miles Borden has completed his latest edition of its history which he recently presented at the Kings Park library.

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