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Smithtown News

Smithtown Update
The Dejana property on Pulaski Road has begun to clear
the way for their new facility. The FSA has reached out to
the owners requesting a meeting so that we can get a feel
for their plans for their property and discuss the community’s
concerns about the project. In addition, we have recently
learned that the Dejana company has purchased the
vacant site at the corner of Town Line and Pulaski
Roads. No plans to develop the property have been filed,
however, the FSA hopes to discuss the future of this property
with the new owners (Dejana) very soon. As always,
we will keep the community updated.


Roads and Highways: Summer 2014 Report

A few items to report here

Pulaski Road Construction-The good news is that it is over and we now enjoy a terrific newly paved road on the south end of town. However, during the paving some folks began some bad habits of cutting through Orchard and Meadow Glenn to avoid the backup at the intersection of Bread and Cheese. The neighbors on Orchard contacted Smithtown Traffic Safety. While the road was evaluated using a radar counter, the count occurred following the end of construction. We are informed that there will not be any intervention at this time. Residents are requested to respect each other’s neighborhoods and to quote my Tom-Tom, “Please drive the highlighted route!” Read More


The President’s Message: Spring 2014

Dear Neighbor,

grafYour FSA Board of Directors has been in continual contact with the community and elected officials during the past few months. Thanks to each of them for their assistance in organizing our membership mailing, natural gas meeting, Spring Egg Hunt, and annual Spring Brunch.

Let’s begin with our recent Spring Brunch at Indian Hills Country Club. This year’s event featured guest speakers Smithtown Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and Huntington Councilwoman Tracey Edwards. Both noted their appreciation for the partnership the FSA displays in advocating our needs. To wit, Ms. Edwards cited Huntington’s response to our call to have the lot on the southwest corner of 25A and Bread and Cheese Hollow Road cleaned up. The good news is this site will never be a 7-Eleven (old issue, we won). And the town has advised the lot owner to get the property up to code.

At the brunch, Ms. Edwards addressed our concern for management of Bread and Cheese. To paraphrase, she said she understood we don’t care who repairs and cleans up the road, we just want it done! (We hope Huntington will tend to the west side of the road soon.)

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Roads & Highways Spring 2014 Update

Our town highway departments have been hard at work repairing potholes from our horrific winter which played havoc with our roads. The FSA recently met with town highway superintendents Pete Gunther and Glenn Jorgensen to discuss our pothole crisis and also to discuss efforts to resolve responsibility for Bread and Cheese. A recent lawsuit by the Town of Huntington has resulted in Suffolk County assuming responsibility for this heavily trafficked road. While this decision is being contested by the county, both the county and Smithtown Highway are collaborating on maintenance of the road and road related issues. We are also working with Huntington to provide litter removal on the west side where there are fewer homeowners to police their property.

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